There are several different types of distributed database management systems (DBMS). But there isn’t a database system that works for everyone. Each makes different compromises to suit particular situations. In this section, we attempt to explain how Oxla differs from other OLAP-using systems.

The Comparison

The comparison tests were performed on a single node; using more nodes will significantly improve the results. Below are the detailed prototype test results on AWS between Oxla and selected alternatives (ClickHouse, Presto, Parquet):

a) Performance

Supports a lot of Clauses, Data Types, and Functions. Such as GROUP BY, JOIN (INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, OUTER JOIN). We also support uncorrelated subqueries e.g. SELECT num, COUNT(*) as num FROM user GROUP BY age.Non-standard SQL-like query language with several limitations.
Oxla has homogeneous architecture: there are no workers, data, or master nodes. One of the nodes is dynamically selected as the leader with no single point of failure.On-premise with dedicated clusters, no elasticity. We need to migrate into bigger/smaller clusters.

b) Cost

$0.023 per GB/month$0.24 per GB/month


Our tests show that Oxla’s performance surpasses all other distributed database management systems with the following results:

  • Oxla processes a large number of data at an extremely high data processing speed.

  • Oxla can reduce 80% of data infrastructure costs compared to the others.

  • Oxla will not be affected by the massive data you have. The storage (RAM) needed will stay low with a small cost you pay.


Now What?

Understanding Oxla and then comparing it with other solutions made us realize that there are a lot of choices in today’s database market - but in the end, there will be only one .

We suggest you take a step back and evaluate your products, team talents, market, and needs before deciding what to use for your business. Choosing the right technology today can make a huge difference now and in the future.

Choose an architecture that will grow with you rather than one that makes you start over.

We, at Oxla, will be super pleased to support you in achieving your goal with our dazzling distributed DBMS ✨

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