In this section, we will learn how to delete the data from a table using the DROP statement.

Running a DROP statement will also delete all existing records from the table.


The basic syntax for the DROP statement is as follows:

DROP TABLE table_name;

In this syntax, we have several elements that are elaborated on below.

  1. DROP represents the statement name.

  2. TABLE entity type you want to drop.

  3. table_name defines which table you want to remove.

The DROP example below is executed in the public schema. You can also drop a table from another specific schema. Click here for more info.


We have a table named warehouse that stores the product’s id, name, and quantity:

CREATE TABLE warehouse (
  id int,
  product string,
  qty int
INSERT INTO warehouse 
    (id, product, qty) 
    (103829,'Bed Cover',12);
 SELECT * FROM warehouse;

It will create a table as shown below:

| id      | product    | qty     | 
| 889771  | Shirt      | 22      |
| 777821  | Hat        | 99      |
| 103829  | Bed Cover  | 12      |

  1. Use the following query to delete the warehouse’s table:
DROP TABLE warehouse;
  1. If you have successfully run the query, you will get the following output: the table and the values within it are deleted.

Query returned successfully in 284 msec.
If you attempt to use the table for any operation, you will find that the table no longer exists.