JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is an open standard format with key-value pairs to transport data between a server and a web application.


The JSON data type in Oxla has the following syntax:

variable_name JSON  


1. Create a Table

First, create the orders table using the below command:

CREATE TABLE orders (  
    orders_Detail JSON  

This will create a table with the orders_Detailcolumn to store key-value pairs of data.

2. Insert Data

Next, insert data into the orders table as follows:

INSERT INTO orders (orders_Detail)  
('{ "customer": "Dean Smith", "items": {"product": "cup","qty": 2}}'),
('{ "customer": "Sissy Kate", "items": {"product": "knife","qty": 1}}'),
('{ "customer": "Emma Stone", "items": {"product": "spoon","qty": 4}}'),
('{ "customer": "Chris Bale", "items": {"product": "fork","qty": 5}}'),
('{ "customer": "Mike Stuart", "items": {"product": "spatula","qty": 2}}');

This will insert data values where orders_Detailhas the following keys:

  • customer: it will store a customer’s data who purchased the product.

  • items: it will store the order details, product & qty.

3. Retrieve Data

Use the SELECT command to retrieve the orders table’s data.

SELECT * FROM orders;

You will get the following output:

| orders_detail                                                            | 
| {"customer":"Dean Smith","items":{"qty":2.000000,"product":"cup"}}       |
| {"customer":"Sissy Kate","items":{"product":"knife","qty":1.000000}}     |                                                        
| {"customer":"Emma Stone","items":{"qty":4.000000,"product":"spoon"}}     |
| {"customer":"Chris Bale","items":{"product":"fork","qty":5.000000}}      |
| {"customer":"Mike Stuart","items":{"qty":2.000000,"product":"spatula"}}  |
It is normal for the JSON type’s result to look disordered.