Numeric functions in Oxla are designed to perform mathematical calculations and manipulate integer or floating-point numbers. Oxla supports the following numeric functions:

CEIL()This function rounds up to the nearest positive or negative integer value greater than or equal to the argument.
ABS()This function returns the absolute value of an argument, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.
SQRT()This function returns the square root of its argument.
CBRT()This function returns the cube root of a given number.
RANDOM()This function returns a random number between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive).
FLOOR()This function returns a number rounded down that is less than or equal to the specified argument.
LN()This function returns the exponential value of its argument.
SIN()This function returns the trigonometric sine value of a specified angle in radians.
LEAST()This function returns the least or smallest value in a list of values.
GREATEST()This function extracts the greatest or largest value from a set of values.
ROUND()This function rounds numbers to the nearest integer or to a specified number of decimal places.
EXP()This function returns the exponential value of a number specified in the argument.
LOG()This function returns the base-10 logarithm or logarithm of the specified base of a given number.
POWER()This function returns the value of a number raised to the power of another number specified in the arguments.
TO_CHAR() from NumberFormats a number into a string using a given format.