Oxla’s Cloud is our cloud-based service that provides instant access to the Oxla data processing engine. It offers easy cluster management where you can deploy the cluster instantly, monitor the cost and utilization, and help you build faster. You can use this product to:

Perform and optimize your data analysis and processing without worrying about infrastructure complexities.

Have a pay-as-you-go model with flexible pricing that caters to projects of all sizes.

Have a dedicated and reliable support team available to assist you with any questions or issues.

Have easy cluster management, where you can spin cluster only for the time needed, with adjustable size per use case.

Have full workload observability with usage insights.

Key Features

Experience the ease and flexibility of Oxla Cloud with its key features:

Instant Cluster Deployment

Deploy clusters instantly to get your data operations up and running.

Cost and Utilization Monitoring

Keep track of your spending with real-time cost and utilization monitoring.

PostgreSQL Protocol Compliance

Oxla adheres to PostgreSQL protocol standards for easy integration and compatibility.

Decoupled Storage and Compute

The data storage lifecycle is decoupled from clusters. You only pay for computing resources when the cluster is running. Even if the cluster is stopped or deleted, your data remains intact, and you only pay for the storage you use.


Enjoy a fully managed service by Oxla, which will free you from maintenance tasks and allow you to focus on your business.